Travis Spencer

Head of  Supplier Diversity & Inclusion
Travis is responsible for driving diversity and inclusion among Ford’s strategic partners and supply chain. He accomplishes this by connecting minority, women, veteran, disabled, LGBTQ and small business enterprises to Ford and its Tier 1 suppliers. Travis believes that economic empowerment for diverse suppliers and their corresponding communities is the epitome for what it means to drive human progress… Thus ultimately delivering Ford’s vision of Creating a Better Tomorrow. Travis brings a strong professional business acumen in Corporate Purchasing & Strategy, Supply Chain Management, Program Management, and Negotiation along with an academic focus in Accounting, Finance, and Business Ethics.

LaTara Brown

Supplier Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager, Indirect Supply Chain
LaTara Brown has over twenty years of Ford experience and brings extensive knowledge in Supply Chain Management, Program Management, Operations Purchasing, Commodity Purchasing, and Negotiations. She’s responsible for supporting all diverse suppliers in Indirect Purchasing and in corporate wide Supplier Diversity & Inclusion based initiatives. LaTara provides leadership and process knowledge to achieve goals and to help suppliers navigate the Ford Sourcing process in a manner that is in accordance with Ford’s business principles. LaTara has a strong desire to make a difference at work and in the community. She supports various advocacy groups, supplier development programs and initiatives.

Sanaa Saad

Supplier Diversity & Inclusion Business Analyst
Sanaa has over  8 years of experience in purchasing, including Program Management, Launch and Commodity Purchasing. She is a self-motivated professional, successful in seizing viable opportunities and innovation in multiple industries. She has served on the Global Purchasing Diversity Council for 4 years and continues to advocate making the world a better place, while putting People First. She is responsible for for managing all diverse suppliers throughout production purchasing, supports CAMSC, MHCC, NABS and NBL advocacy groups, as well as facilitating events and advertisements.

Laura Veit

Supplier Diversity & Inclusion Business Analyst
Laura Veit has over 20 years of Ford Purchasing experience and has strong leadership skills and an acute knowledgeable of the sourcing process at Ford. Laura’s Ford background includes Program Management, Purchasing Strategy and Buying roles in Powertrain, Interior, Exterior and Non -Production commodities. Laura is always looking for opportunities to build new diverse supplier relationships. She is not new to the Suppler Diversity environment and served as the Diversity Manager while in Non-Production Purchasing, Laura is passionate about continuing to drive Ford’s leadership position in Supplier Diversity. She is responsible for the many diverse initiatives including the Suppler Registration Portal ard supporting key Advocacy Groups.