WIN – Widening the Inclusion Network

WIN (Widening the Inclusion Network) is designed to further develop our Supplier Diversity programs through coaching, mentorship, and thoughtful partnerships with other diverse businesses. As a Tier 2 level program, WIN expands the amount of opportunities available for diverse businesses as well as advance our economic impact. Supplier Diversity & Inclusion measures and celebrates our suppliers beyond the numbers. We look at our Supplier Diversity programs in 4 different areas. Those areas include :
  1. Historical Spend Performance
  2. Level of Involvement w/ Advocacy Groups
  3. Workforce Diversity
  4. Community Outreach
WIN is an opportunity for Ford to advance its economic impact through its Tiers while partnering with its supply base to create a better tomorrow.

Mentor WE

In 2019, Ford’s Supplier Diversity & Inclusion Office launched MentorWE, a mentoring and development program for women business owners (WBEs) in conjunction with the Great Lakes Women’s Business Council (GLWBC). MentorWE is an exciting program for certified WBEs to advance and develop their business through corporate executive & peer mentoring. Through MentorWE, WBEs will have the opportunity to increase their business acumen in a variety of areas as well as enhancing their leadership, networking, and communication skills. This is a one year, 4-module commitment to personal and professional growth for 10-15 high potential WBEs within specific industries, who will receive mentoring on topics selected via survey. The first cohort was MentorWE: Construction and the second cohort is MentorWE Technology. The program does not guarantee contracts or new business with peer WBE and/or corporate executive mentors. MentorWE offers tremendous benefits that will affect positive business development. MentorWE mentees and mentors are selected by invitation only. Stay tuned to learn about the next MentorWE session. To learn more about the Great Lakes Women Business Council organization, please visit:
Mentor Me is an exciting program for certified diverse businesses to advance and develop their business through Senior Corporate Executive mentoring. Through Mentor Me, diverse businesses will have the opportunity to discuss and receive feedback on their business in addition to enhancing their leadership and communication skills.
In the program, high potential diverse suppliers will be partnered with a team of Senior Executives from Ford and/or partner organizations. The diverse business and corporate mentor team will assess the diverse business, evaluate real-time organization challenges/situations and discuss the future of the business. For more information, click here
Supplier Skills for Life is a program where industry experts will discuss hot topics and share tools to help diverse businesses grow and develop. The program will include videos, frequently asked questions, checklists and other quick single-point lessons on topics of interest.


We are happy to share with you that we are using UniTier as our new and improved Tier2 diversity spend reporting system.
Ford Motor Company led the way for this new system by providing the funding and project management to the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council (MMSDC) to launch a system that would change the way corporations track, and supplier report Tier 2 diversity spend. Through UniTier, suppliers now have the ability to upload their diversity spend to multiple customers, simultaneously, through a single interface. Not only are we using an improved Tier 2 system, but we have also expanded our program to include certifications from USBLN, WeConnect International, NGLCC and the Small Business Administration. For more information, click here


Ford’s JTF program was an industry exclusive initiative that launched in 2008 for Ford’s certified M/W/VBEs. JTF represented Ford’s commitment to Go Further and enhanced the technical capability and sustainability of diverse suppliers through the access to intellectual assets.
Companies interested in doing business with Ford should complete our Supplier Registration Form.


This office administers the Supplier Diversity & Inclusion Program and works with many minority, women, and veteran owned businesses to promote economic development.
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