To better align our Supplier Diversity program with Ford’s Diversity & Inclusion program, spend with diverse companies in the following categories are recognized as part of the Supplier Diversity Program: Women, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Native Alaskans, Canadian Aboriginal, LGBT People, Veterans, Disabled Veterans, People with Disabilities and Small Businesses.


Supporting and developing a diverse supply chain contributes to strong and sustainable businesses. Through advocacy and relationship building internally and externally, our efforts assist us in making a positive impact to our bottom line and within the communities where our suppliers operate.

Jim Farley

The Plan for Ford Motor Company is underpinned by the value of Caring for Each Other. Our employees, our customer base, dealer network and supply chain are a family where we celebrate our differences. As we work to modernize across our business, we will rely on our diverse supply base to bring fresh ideas and perspectives. A supply base that reflects the diversity of our customer base will be our competitive edge as we work to deliver must-have products and services for our customers. Together, we can leverage our diverse backgrounds and diversity of thought to create a better Company and a better world

Travis Spencer

Diversity & Inclusion permeates the core of our company – from the diversity of our product offerings and global workforce, to our strategic partners, supply base and dealers.  Rapidly changing technologies are creating incredible opportunities for growth with diverse suppliers who are able to identify and understand the traditional industry disruptors, grasp the concept of Diversity & Inclusion and develop a forward-looking strategy and plan. We remain committed to support, develop, grow and promote our diverse suppliers while expanding the economic impact and growth in the community for a more sustainable future.